Company Overview
Each day, PS Companies (Legal, Professional, Temporary Services) is proud to deliver individualized attention, the most qualified candidates and competitive rates. We believe this is the foundation on which our reputation is built.

PS Companies has the best staff in the industry. Our staff enables us to offer a guarantee that is unparalleled....which is To Guarantee the Best Candidate for the Job Search. We agree this is a BOLD statement, however we know we can deliver. Our goal is to SERVE the candidate and the client to the best of our ability. This is why we have success with the employment Matches we make.

We believe we can guarantee excellent candidate/client matches for several reasons. We do this daily, more than full time. It is our passion. If we cannot produce the best candidate, we believe we have not earned our fee. We have many contacts in law firms and corporations nationwide because we are networking constantly. Our best advertisement is our candidates and clients. When we produce a superb candidate for a client they are anxious to refer us to others they do business with. Candidates happily refer their friends because they had a pleasant experience with our recruiters and attained a great career.

The Process
A candidate meets with one of our recruiters for an interview. During the interview we discuss what the candidate is looking for in his/her career and what the “ideal” position would be. We present options that are currently available to the candidate and if they are interested we submit them to the client company. We also tailor job searches to candidates.

We NEVER release a resume without the candidates consent. After the client decides they would like to see the candidate we arrange the interviews. If they meet and there is established interest on both sides, there is usually a second interview. During this process we dialogue with both candidate and client, check references and other tasks assigned by the client company. We are available at all times to both parties. When both parties are comfortable, the client extends an offer, usually through us, sometimes directly to the candidate. The candidate takes the time necessary to determine if this is the best match for them personally as well as matches their career goals. A candidate accepts the position and we have a WIN, WIN, WIN. Our candidate attains a great position, our client hires a great candidate and we have facilitated what our guarantee says we will do; provide excellent candidate/client matches.

You receive one weekly invoice for the hours worked. We handle the payroll, taxes and all related paperwork. So whether you need a temporary legal secretary, paralegal or attorney, our prompt service means your work gets done on schedule without any unnecessary delays.
Company Summary
PS Companies
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