Company Overview
Hartwell is the industry's first choice in the design and manufacture of quick access latching systems for aircraft and the first company that aircraft engineers call on for design assistance on all new latching applications.

What We Do Best

Hartwell is uniquely capable of producing high quality quick access latching systems for every aircraft manufacturer's unique accessibility challenges. We provide the industry's most rapid response for prototypes and "first to market" concepts. We also deliver the lowest cost of ownership, in part by relieving the customers of design responsibility. Additionally, we support those customers from concept to delivery for the life of the aircraft through partnership with our sister company HASCO®.

Our History

The company has been in pioneering and Solutioneering® since the beginning of World War II when it began to manufacture cable terminals for aircraft controls. We have specialized in quick access latches since our wartime invention of the Trigger-Lock® latch, which became the industry standard by dramatically reducing the time required to service an aircraft.


Nearly 75 years later, Hartwell is tooled for over 20,000 versions of latches for engine cowlings, nacelles and thrust reversers, as well as interior and exterior access panels, cargo doors and interior stowage bins. Hartwell latches and hinges can be found on every aircraft platform in the western world.

Our Future

Hartwell is committed to applying its special design and engineering skills to the collaborative Solutioneering® of larger aircraft components and systems with our Hartwell counterparts and external partners. Significant projects involving the Hartwell team are already under consideration by some of the world's largest airframe makers.

Company Summary
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