Company Overview

Above all else, EK operates based on a foundation of agile collaboration. We recognize we are at our best when we’re working together to address our clients’ challenges, offering integrated solutions that pull from our combined experience and independent thinking.

We conduct bi-weekly knowledge sharing sessions with our team, where team members share their expertise or our partners brief us on new technologies or methodologies.

We also maintain an employee to employee recognition program, so that all members of our team have the opportunity to actively recognize and thank exceptional collaboration, support, or leadership from their colleagues. This, of course, is also reflected in EK’s compensation policy and bonus program.

We complement these efforts with frequent off-sites and social gatherings to ensure everyone has the opportunity to build supportive and collaborative team member relationships.

Innovation is another core element to how we work. Every member of our team is encouraged to surface new ideas and try new things. EK maintains a budget to experiment with new tools, technologies, and methodologies to ensure our team members continue to learn and we can present the latest innovations to our clients. All members of the team are encouraged to experiment with new tools and techniques and are rewarded for surfacing new ideas.

We supplement these social learning opportunities with a dedicated and guaranteed training budget for each member of our team, to ensure everyone has the continued opportunity to learn and grow.

We also strive to inject our energy and enthusiasm into the work we do. A uniting factor for each of us at EK is that we are passionate about our work. We are proud of our company, our clients, and our achievements, and that carries through to everything we do.

Company Summary
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