Company Overview
Econometrica, Inc. is a private research and management consulting firm committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective analyses, modeling, and economic evaluations for clients in the private and public sectors. The firm serves governmental and commercial clients with a broad range of requirements in the energy, health, homeland security, housing, labor, and transportation markets. 


Do you want to improve patient care, analyze space exploration, and be a part of creating Government laws? These are just a few of the many projects Econometrica works on. We value individuals who are curious and constantly looking for better and more efficient solutions. Our work is interesting and impactful, and we search for individuals who have both the technical expertise and the drive to make a difference in the world. We value people who are adaptable and able to work collaboratively.

Our Culture

Think critically. Communicate openly. At Econometrica, we use our technical expertise and project management skills on a diverse range of projects. We use problem-solving strategies to think outside the box and give our clients the best possible solutions. Our collaborative atmosphere fosters a community of thinkers eager to improve and work hard. Our leaders are accessible and deeply invested in the professional growth of all our employees.

We are researchers and experts helping our clients make informed decisions using innovative analytics. We tackle challenges with rigorous research and strategy to improve the quality of life.

New Hire Buddy Program

Econometrica is committed to providing support to all new hires to ensure a successful onboarding experience. This type of program builds an immediate personal connection between the new employee and the organization.

Buddies can make new employees feel welcome, answer questions, and help them navigate through the organization’s culture. This leads new employees to feel comfortable sooner and to achieve a sense of acceptance and belonging. Buddies can fill in the gap by making themselves available for questions that new hires might not want to discuss with their manager. Buddies also can show the new employees around, introduce them to others, accompany them to lunch, offer encouragement, and keep lines of communication open while respecting confidentiality.

Our employees who participate in this program comment about how quickly they gain confidence and increase productivity.

Company Summary
Econometrica, Inc.
Number of Employees
(301) 657-9883
7475 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD