Company Overview
Aurora Flight Sciences is a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced unmanned systems and aerospace vehicles.

At the core of our company’s mission is a commitment to the science of autonomous flight; whether that means a fully autonomous drone, or a program that is breaking new ground in the interface between man and machine as it relates to flight.

Aurora Flight Sciences was founded by John Langford in 1989 as a small garage shop in Alexandria to utilize UAS for atmospheric research. Since then, Aurora has designed, produced, and flown more than 30 unmanned air vehicles, pioneering technologies of long-endurance aircraft, robotic co-pilots, and autonomous electric VTOL aircraft. Aurora’s demonstrated capabilities have made it a leader in the emerging field of electric propulsion for aircraft.

During the last decade, Aurora has collaborated with Boeing on the rapid prototyping of innovative aircraft and structural assemblies for both military and commercial applications.

Now as an independent subsidiary of Boeing, Aurora’s innovation is combined with Boeing’s size and strength, creating an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt the future of aerospace mobility.

Headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, Aurora operates production plants in Bridgeport, West Virginia and Columbus, Mississippi. We have Research and Development Centers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dayton, Ohio and Mountain View, California, and a European office, Aurora Swiss Aerospace, located in Luzern, Switzerland.
Company Summary
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Number of Employees
(703) 369-3633
9950 Wakeman Drive
Manassas, VA