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Rosedale Federal–Your neighbor. Your guide. Your bank. Those words mean a lot to us. They say that we’re more than a financial institution. We’re people you can count on.

Back in 1908 Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association first opened its doors and began proudly serving the community. Throughout our long history, we’ve been known as a hometown institution with a broad smile, a hearty handshake and a sincere interest in our customers’ financial well-being. At Rosedale Federal, we're a mutual bank owned by our depositors.  Maybe that's why exceptional personal service is part of our DNA.  It's how we've been doing business for over 100 years.

And personal service is just the beginning. At Rosedale Federal, we specialize in a wide variety of solid, helpful banking products from EASY FREE Checking and certificates of deposit to residential mortgage loans and home equity lines of credit. We provide a safe, secure place for local depositors to invest their savings and have their deposits reinvested in mortgage loans. This enables our depositors to earn interest, and our borrowers to buy, build and repair their homes in our communities.

Safety and Security

Between juggling the pressures of work, family and a million and a half other commitments, making sure your financial world is stable and secure isn't always easy. But at Rosedale Federal, you can rest assured, our sound business practices and conservative management has earned us the highest safety ratings of any financial institution in the United States.

We Won't Sell Your Loan

Most lenders are in business to make mortgage loans and then sell them to investors. And if you've ever had your loan sold by another bank, you know how frustrating it can be. Often the new lender is out of state, which can lead to confusion, late payments and lots of long distance calls. At Rosedale Federal, we do not sell our loans. Holding onto your mortgage is part of our job. So you'll always have the peace-of-mind knowing that we will service your lending needs for the life of your mortgage.

Put simply, our original mission 100 years ago was to provide our neighbors with exceptional savings and loan products and service; it remains the same today.

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Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Association
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(410) 668-4400
9616 Belair Road
Nottingham, MD