Company Overview
Reedsburg Area Medical Center has a long tradition of service to the community. The first hospital in Reedsburg was founded in 1902 by Dr. Adelbert Edwards. This hospital was housed in a former residence. Once remodeled, the two story building provided 11 rooms, serving both medical and surgical patients.



"Always There, Going Beyond the Expected to Provide Compassionate, Quality and Effective Healthcare"

Quality of life. It’s what we look for in a community; strong schools, prosperous businesses, sound economics and outstanding healthcare. It’s synonymous with Reedsburg Area Medical Center. Reedsburg Area Medical Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that is locally controlled. We are a modern, combination facility consisting of 53 acute care beds, 50 long term care beds, and eight day care surgery beds.

For the entire family we offer the most progressive techniques in medicine and state-of-the-art technology, while retaining warm, personalized care for each patient. Our strong medical staff is comprised of many exceptional active and consulting staff physicians who are here to meet your healthcare needs. Our Emergency Department is staffed 24-hours a day with specially trained emergency room physicians. In cases where an illness or accident requires treatment at a specialty facility, an ambulance or helicopter transport is available upon request. Our Urgent Care Center is open weekday evenings, weekends and most holidays. Call for current hours. Our Surgical Department has three OR suites, an Endoscopy Lab, four Post-Anesthesia Care beds, and an eight-bed Ambulatory Care Unit (One Day Surgery). Our Consulting Care Unit is equipped with seven exam rooms.

Doing the right thing right. A challenging philosophy, but one we believe is essential to our patients and within our capabilities. You can be assured that each and every day we are striving to provide you with the most up-to-date healthcare available, right here at home.


Customer Service: Customers needs and requirements will be identified, clarified and shared with employees and physicians and integrated into the daily activities of individuals. These needs and expectations will be assessed and measured on a regular basis, and used in improving processes and outcomes.

Empowerment: Employees and physicians will be given the knowledge, direction, resources, support and clarification of decision making authority to effectively problem solve and improve care, service, outcomes and satisfaction.

Teamwork: Major functions and key processes will be assessed and improved using teams of individuals who are closest to the work being improved.

Recognition: Employees and physicians will be recognized for their contributions to the organization’s mission, vision, and values, for participation in performance improvement activities, and for meeting or exceeding expectations and accountabilities.

Communication: Employees and physicians will be given data and information in a timely manner and informed about changes that affect the expectations and responsibilities of their job.

Risk Taking: Based on the belief that individual creativity and imagination will improve processes, outcomes, communications, and overall operational effectiveness, the organization will encourage and value risk taking.


Diversity: We will value differences, including differences in opinions, knowledge and culture.

Caring: We will commit to caring for each other to support a compassionate, healing environment for our patients, residents, families and our community.

Stewardship: We will creatively and optimally utilize all resources to maintain the financial ability to support our mission and vision.
Respect: We will treat all patients, residents, families and co-workers and our community with dignity at all times.

Excellence: We will pursue superior quality healthcare and service for our patients, residents, their families and our community, be going beyond the expected.

Company Summary
Reedsburg Area Medical Center, Inc.
Number of Employees
500 or more
(608) 524-6487
(608) 524-6566
2000 North Dewey Avenue
Reedsburg, WI