Company Overview

Praetorian Standard, Inc. provides life support systems to critical projects in the U.S. and abroad. It’s their job to solve problems: whether asked to provide intelligence services or end-to-end logistics in the Middle East, develop a domestic risk assessment for Amtrak to keep you safe on the rails, or administer an information technology system to keep homeland security in the forefront of technological advances, PSI launches operational risk management services to get any job done, anywhere.

With vast resources and an intimate knowledge of international markets and cultures, the company provides logistics services to foreign governments and U.S. citizens working abroad. PSI is known for intelligence coordination, protection management and situational analyses, which can include transportation and protection services, highly specialized expertise, operational risk management, aircraft maintenance and security.

Who We Are

The team is led by Richard “Dick” Davis, who brings decades of military and commercial experience to the team. His boots-on-the-ground training overseas gives him a unique perspective that allows PSI to seamlessly integrate with operations abroad. His project management success affords PSI the opportunity to compete for the most highly sought-after contracts, which are then staffed, managed and executed expertly.

The PSI leadership is rounded out by an executive team with a combined 60+ years in the military and nearly 100 combined years of corporate management experience. As you delve deeper into the corporate structure, you will find leaders in the field at every level of management and program execution.

PSI isn’t afraid to go where others fear, and it isn’t afraid to accept projects that carry with them inherent risk. Their promise? To deliver exceptional results regardless of the scope of work. PSI is your partner in providing logistical, operational and security support to government and corporate clients throughout the world.


The company’s mission is to provide logistics services, risk management solutions and life support anywhere, at any time.

In its capacity as an international logistics company, it is focused on assisting domestic and international partners as they launch critical projects. The company’s clients are both government and commercial and share one trait: they need hard jobs done well, often in difficult places, around the globe. They call on PSI because of a wealth of experience in homeland security and emergency management, as well as the caliber of its leadership and the integrity of the teams it employs.

What We Do

Providing operational risk management services around the world, PSI is known for doing difficult things in hard places.

When a government – domestic or foreign – or a private commercial entity requires logistic support, protection, risk management solutions, global operations management, or operational risk management services, PSI is the company that answers the call.

In addition, the U.S. government calls on PSI for homeland security and emergency management solutions. This can entail risk assessment for transportation systems, information technology to assist the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Justice, or shoring up homeland security efforts abroad.

The company also provides international logistics solutions to branches of the U.S. government, particularly the United States Special Operation Command (SOCOM), the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) and the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM). In this capacity, PSI sponsors counter-drug and counter-terrorism exercises, assists in the development of human rights policies, provides training, international logistics solutions and intelligence support and supplies nonlethal equipment.

PSI provides life support. The company rises to any challenge, anywhere.


PSI welcomes employment inquiries from talented, driven individuals desiring to join a team that makes a difference. Please offer some information in the fields below and a human resources representative will contact you if your skills fit PSI’s mission. Professional applicants, students and transitioning military are all able to expand their career opportunities and achieve personal growth with PSI.

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