Company Overview

Our mission at Poseida Therapeutics is to create cell and gene therapies with the capacity to cure. We are developing novel products using our broad gene engineering platform technologies, with the goal of bringing new and better treatments to patients with serious diseases, first in the blood-based cancer Multiple Myeloma and next in solid tumors like prostate cancer.

We are developing two approaches with our next-generation CAR-T therapies: autologous and allogeneic. Autologous therapies are fully customized treatments created using an individual patient’s own T cells. In contrast, allogeneic therapies, use T cells derived from healthy donors, allowing us to make an off-the-shelf treatment for hundreds or thousands of patients from a single manufacturing run.

Our CAR-T product candidates are differentiated from other cell therapies that exist today. Each leverages our non-viral piggyBac DNA Modification System to engineer therapeutic T cells. We believe this non-viral approach can result in greater safety, efficacy and versatility when treating different forms of cancer, whether in liquid or solid tumors. Importantly, it enables us to create therapies that are predominately comprised of stem memory T cells (TSCM cells) which are a younger, self-renewing type of immune cell that may allow for longer duration of response and less toxicity.

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