Company Overview

Want to keep astronauts safe?
Monitor the integrity of the Mona Lisa?
Test the wing structures of fighter jets?
Help develop the kind of technology CSI would want to feature?

Does the chance to do the kind of work that is defining the future, the opportunity to challenge yourself and develop and refine new technologies sound appealing to you?  Or what about the prospect of being surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated people, day-in and day-out?  This is what you can expect to do at Luna.

At Luna you will work with the world’s most talented engineers, scientists and thought leaders to shape the future of fiber optical communications.

We hail from over across the globe and apply an incredible breadth and depth of experience to our work.  Our roster also includes accomplished opera singers, certified locksmiths, blue grass musicians, veterinary PhDs, safari seekers, multi-linguists and more!  Come join us!
We’ve got your covered!
Our competitive benefits package includes premium medical, dental and vision coverage for employees and their dependents.
Work-Life Balance
We believe that quality time outside the office is vital to our employees’ satisfaction at work.  Our PTO plan encourages employees to take time off so they can come back refreshed!
Stay Informed
We are dedicated to ensuring all employees have the information they need to do their jobs well.  Our All-Hands meetings, email memos, and internal company blog are just a few of the programs we run to keep all of our divisions up to date on key aspects of the business across the entire organization.
Live it up
One benefit of having amazing coworkers is enjoying each other’s company and having fun together!  We make up a lot of excuses to hang out together including family-friendly picnics and holiday parties.
Company Summary
Luna Innovations
Number of Employees
(540) 769-8407
301 1st Street Southwest
Roanoke, VA