Company Overview
Full Circle's mission is to fix the broken food system one community, one member and one meal at a time. Each week, Full Circle brings the best in farm-fresh, locally-sourced and sustainably-grown fruits, vegetables and other all-natural artisan products directly to its members'? doorsteps, connecting families with producers while making it easy to save time and money. The main goal is to change the way food is grown, produced, delivered and eaten--across America. Welcome to the future of the local farmers market. Live the good food life.

Our Roots
We started as an organic farm in 1996 on just five acres near North Bend, Washington. We’ve been passionate about growing and sourcing delicious produce and promoting sustainable farming practices ever since.

Growing the Good We Can Do

For many small, family farms, it’s your connection to other farms and markets that helps you grow. There’s an opportunity to strengthen organic and sustainable agriculture and our food system by sharing knowledge, innovations and a market for your harvests with other like-minded farmers and artisans. The best and most sustainable farms and food systems are the ones that focus on the right blend of economic and environmental sustainability – these are the food systems that will nurture the unborn generations from whom we are borrowing these resources.

Together, we are growing the good we can do.

fieldTRUE Philosophy

We stay true to our farming philosophy of connecting you to local, trusted sustainable farms and through fieldTRUE, we embrace this philosophy.

From seed to doorstep, the produce you receive is the best local selection of fruits and vegetables grown in the most economically and environmentally sustainable way. With your support, we can help grow local farms and invest back in the local community. We believe in a transparent food system where customers can make informed choices about the food they buy and eat. Each day, we are humbled to see our company bring together our customers with other local organic farms. We are part of a food revolution, sharing and building the knowledge of a local, organic food system.

Promote Sustainability: A sustainable food system is one that manages natural and economical resources.
Consumer Focus: A transparent food system gives the consumer more information about where and how their food is grown.
Support Local Economies: You can be assured you’re supporting local farms and investing back into your local community.
Educate & Connect Consumers: We engage communities with local farmers in the food movement ensuring a successful, transparent food system.
Company Summary
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