Company Overview

We are active participants in the revolution that has transformed how businesses produce and deliver their products and services and how organizations are structured.

One constant in business success is the need for strong leadership. Toward that end, DDJ Myers has implemented programs for executive development and for organizations to support the progression of their mid-level talent.

DDJ Myers also works with boards in several capacities including board governance and transformative change and supports organizations through executive search with our unique, detailed process. Those programs have earned high praise from the organizations that have implemented them and have been honored with awards from leading industry associations.

In creating these solutions, we have applied our professional expertise and the lessons learned in working with hundreds of individuals, executive teams, boards, and organizations. Our programs are based on proven best practices adapted for the unique circumstances of each organization and the individual goals and aspirations of each participant.

We Are

DDJ Myers advances leadership development and strategic execution in partnership with our clients in financial services, health care, and other business sectors.

Our diverse team of subject matter experts honors authenticity, personal values, and purpose-driven work, aligning actions and beliefs as a core practice. We apply our extensive experience and commitment to continual learning in serving a client base that includes credit unions, banks, credit card companies, health care organizations, and insurance providers.

Our Team

Meet our team. Accept our invitation to call and connect. Find out how we can be of service and how, together, we can create a powerful difference for you.

We are proud to work with a diverse team that honors authenticity, personal value and purpose driven work.

Our purpose is to advance the leadership potential in each individual, team and organization. We believe that each of us has untapped potential looking for the opportunity to practice and make a difference. Aligning actions and beliefs is a core practice at DDJ Myers. Our team has depth in expertise, makes a vital impact in the lives of others and adds value in their communities.

We are passionate about our roles as:

  • Knowledge seekers: we study and engage in best practices in leadership, recruitment, and organizational consulting.
  • Innovators: we have created and continue to hone practical models that support ease in understanding concepts and effective action in recruitment, succession planning, and leadership.
  • Listeners: we give our full attention to the concerns and contexts of our clients and customize our efforts to meet their needs.
  • Speakers: we are sought-after presenters on leadership, communication, presence, emotional intelligence, recruitment, and strategic and succession planning.
  • Students: we are dedicated and enthusiastic learners, with multiple degrees and certifications ranging from business management to somatic leadership. Our leadership coaches are teachers at major coaching institutes.
  • Change agents: we work toward specific observable outcomes and expect to be held accountable for our commitments.
  • Caring human beings: we are committed to ensuring dignity in all relationships.

Diversity Statement

DDJ Myers recognizes the value of diversity in multiple dimensions; we believe that a talented and diverse workforce is a key competitive advantage for both our clients and our company.

Our ongoing business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people and of our commitment to proactively honor diversity in client engagements and our hiring practices. We are committed to seeking out and retaining the finest human talent, deeply listening to the cares and concerns of all humans, and treating all humans with life-sustaining dignity and respect.

Proactively seeking diversity is a way of life at DDJ Myers. Our search strategies include mechanisms to find professionals with diverse backgrounds, our leadership programs are designed to share and act upon diverse perspectives constructively, and our board development programs encourage diversity amongst board members for the sake of serving a diverse membership. Education courses include practices that expand student mindsets.

Company Summary
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