Company Overview

Not all construction companies are the same. Corna Kokosing’s brand of Integrity, Quality and Commitment was developed after we surveyed our clients and asked them, “What makes us different from our competitors?” These three qualities are not mere words, rather, they are the core values and behaviors that are delivered to each client and every project that we build. So what do our 250 associates do differently?

We place our clients first

We treat clients with fairness and respect. We believe our strong customer-centric culture is essential to upholding our company’s integrity and reputation. It is articulated as an expectation within our associates’ orientation and training programs, as well as reinforced daily. This unwavering commitment to our clients is a leading reason why clients say they hire us repeatedly. They know we advocate for them and constantly look out for their best interests.

We take it personally

Much of our work is won due to our impeccably executed projects and trusting relationships within our regional community. Our company’s viability, reputation and growth rest squarely on our ability to continually delight our clients. We take every job personally, because every project and every reference matters to us.

We embody quality

It is embedded in our training programs; it is emphasized in our associates’ performance reviews; it is supported by our planning efforts, processes and procedures and it is reflected in every project we build. Corna Kokosing believes that quality starts at project inception and continues beyond the end of the job. We are distinguished as a quality-driven firm because we know that quality projects equate to fewer hassles, fewer changes and greater value for our clients.

We make safety a lifestyle, not just a rule

Our safety program has evolved from a rules-based mindset, to a lifestyle change. We have a Safety 24/7 program that reinforces a “safe way of life”. We monitor leading indicators to identify potential problems and eliminate them before they lead to injuries. We also work with our subcontractors to improve their safety programs so that they meet our expectations. As a result of our commitment to safety, we have won numerous awards recognizing our program and its results, including the prestigious AGC of America Construction Safety Excellence Award.

We manage and build

We are not only professional construction managers, we are also builders. Corna Kokosing is the largest self-performing contractor in Central Ohio. With a large and sophisticated workforce, as well as ownership of more than $300 million of equipment, we have the resources to perform a wide variety of construction services including concrete, steel erection, rigging and millwright, carpentry, drywall and casework. Our trade competencies provide us with an ‘edge’ and ability to price projects more accurately. We have a refined understanding of productivity and how to schedule labor, materials and equipment. Our combined perspective as managers and builders provides us with a unique aptitude for problem solving. We manage projects better because we’ve actually built it with our own hands and know what it truly takes.

Company Summary
Corna Kokosing Construction Company
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