Company Overview

We the Officers, Managers and Employees of Connolly-Pacific Co. are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding and maintaining the standards which are the hallmark of this organization. Our history is one of quality of product and workmanship, loyalty, integrity, responsibility, and dedication to safety in the workplace.

We will continue to be competitive in our core business of the production, transportation and placement of quality rock products through our competitive nature, know-how and innovative methods while protecting the marine environment.

We will endeavor to develop leadership for the future from within our own ranks whenever possible.

We have and will continue to seek the means and methods of the expansion of our operations into other areas of the construction field.

We will maintain a quality fleet of equipment suitable for our line of work.

We are Connolly-Pacific Co. Through courage, knowledge, enjoyment and commitment we will maintain these ideals now and throughout the twenty-first century.

Company Summary
Connolly-Pacific Co
Number of Employees
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1925 W Pier D St
Long Beach, CA