Company Overview

As a leader in infrastructure construction and maintenance, Colas USA companies’ goal is to set the pace in our industry and to be a model of excellence by providing safe, innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Colas USA companies are part of the Colas Group, the worldwide leader in transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance. The Colas Group is active in the construction and maintenance of road, air, rail and maritime transport infrastructure, urban development projects and recreational facilities.

In 1979, Colas USA began operations in the Northeast with the acquisition of Barrett Paving Materials, a 150 year old company. Since then, we have continued to expand throughout the US through a number of acquisitions as well as organic growth. Today, our network of companies now allows us to provide most of our products and services anywhere in the United States, from Alaska to Florida and New York to Southern California.

Our Culture

We take great pride in the culture we have created throughout Colas USA. Our greatest driver in sustainability is the gratification our employees have for the work they do. Whether working in the field or the office, each employee is critical in collectively accomplishing our goal of delivering high-quality products and services to our communities.

Each of our companies operates within a family-feel environment. We look out for one another and support each other in all aspects of work and life. Our core values, in compliance with our ethical principles and the law, is how we remain a sustainably profitable and safe organization.

The Core Values of Colas USA

The foundation of Colas USA companies’ ongoing success and development lies in preserving the trust of our customers, employees, shareholders and other third parties. Our flexible, decentralized organization enables each and every one of our employees to exercise the autonomy required by our respective corporate responsibilities in accordance with the distinct characteristics of each location. Given that autonomy, it is essential that we operate in a manner consistent with our values and in compliance with our ethical principles and the law. To achieve that, nine basic core values guide our behavior in all aspects of our business activity throughout the United States:

  • Safety: The safety of our employees and the traveling public is everyone’s responsibility. Plan safety into every aspect of our work and do not deviate from that plan. Strive for zero accidents.
  • Integrity: Our business conduct will include the highest level of honesty, ethics, and moral correctness. We will not compromise employees, customers or our company.
  • Respect: Respect is the basic rule of behavior that guides every employee in all of his or her actions: respect for oneself and respect for other employees, customers, third parties, the trade unions, society at large, the Group’s principles, laws and regulations, the environment, fairness and ethics in the broadest sense.
  • Teamwork: Our culture of teamwork allows us to work together within the Company, and with our customers to deliver better solutions and collectively accomplish our goals.
  • Entrepreneurship: Each employee should show initiative and be motivated by a desire to win, to commit and to succeed.
  • Transparency: Our actions must match our words. Each day we must strive to earn our reputation rather than simply manage it. To that end, we must operate in a manner in which our integrity and values cannot be questioned—that is, we must be authentic.
  • Leadership: Each day, every employee is expected to give the best of themselves, to strive constantly for quality and to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism—and to lead by example.
  • Accountability: Each individual is fully accountable for his or her decisions and actions.
  • Trust: Relations within the Group are based on trust, which is the cornerstone of autonomy, frankness and authenticity. It is for each person to establish and develop his or her trustworthiness and for each person to extend trust to others.

Join Our Exceptional Team

Working at Colas USA
At Colas USA, “We Open the Way” to an exciting and long-lasting career. We are powered by our people and work as teams to do the hard work that makes everyone’s life easier. The core of our business is road construction and maintenance; building for communities, cities, and the people who live in them.

Our organization is comprised of a family of over 40 companies operating in eight subsidiaries within the United States; each responsible for conducting business in 18 states respective to each location. Globally, we operate at a much larger scale. Colas USA is part of the worldwide Colas Group, operating across five continents and backed by an international network of quarries, emulsion plants, and asphalt plants.

We take great pride in the work we do and the people we employ. At Colas USA, you are not just an employee. You are a key part of paving the way to the future.

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