Who we are

Caljan is a financially solid company with more than 50 years experience. Our extensive product offering means you interface with just one partner. With in-house development, and a comprehensive range of optional Functions, we tailor telescopic conveyors to meet your specific requirements. Automatic Labelling and Depot Solutions are engineered specifically to suit the needs of your business.

Manufacturing, engineering and sales facilities all over the globe, make us a truly international partner. Because we are a global company, we are particularly skilled at delivering solutions across borders. With the greatest respect for different cultures and standards, we make sure our communication is always clear and professional.

Handling loose cargo efficently since 1963

In 1963, a mutual fascination of conveyors sparks the Caljan story into motion. Two people in Aarhus, Denmark join together to create the very first Caljan conveyor. Since then, Caljan has grown explosively. This is the story of how Caljan went from a two-person workshop to an international company with over 32.250 m2 of production space.

How it started

We believe in quality, safety and continuous progress

Caljan has always had a strong focus on safety in the design of our products. We continually work together with customers to understand how we can best contribute to a safe working environment.

We operate in an industry where automation and efficiency are absolutely crucial to profitability, with strong pressure on us as a supplier to deliver continuous improvement.

Safety and ergonomics are always central to our solutions. They are part of our DNA and increasingly appreciated by customers.”
- Henrik Olesen, CEO/President

History of Caljan

Over 50 years expertise handling loose-loaded cargo

For decades, Caljan has helped parcel carriers, retailers and manufacturers around the world handle loose cargo efficiently. This is how it started.

The very first Caljan Telescopic Conveyor

The Caljan story began in Aarhus, Denmark in 1963. Svend Jansen, an electrical engineer and Kaj Calundan, who had a commercial background, were fascinated with conveyors.

By 1965 Calundan and Jansen Engineering Company and Machine Factory had become an international company with customers in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Benelux and the UK.

The Caljan story truly began to take shape in 1967, when the first Telescopic Conveyor was developed. ‘Long John’, as it was called, transformed the way parcel carriers handled their cargo. In 1980, the company name was changed to Caljan – which had become a notable brand in the conveyor industry.

An international presence

The brand became truly international in 1991, as the American chapter of the Caljan story began to unfold in Denver. The office moved to Wisconsin some years later.

In 1992 Deutsche Bundespost placed an exceptionally large order. A Caljan office was established in Germany.

Four years later Caljan joined the internet. Caljan.com was established and multiple language versions went live shortly after.

Introducing labelling systems to the Caljan brand

In 2001 Caljan was acquired by Rite-Hite. The headquarters remained in Aarhus, Denmark.

Caljan Classic was launched in 2004. Known as SAFETRACK, this Telescopic Conveyor completely changed the game. The first Telescopic Conveyor to feature underguarding and similar safety features, Caljan Classic became a reference model for the logistics market.

In 2008 Caljan acquired LogComp; a German company specialising in powered curves and labelling systems. The brand was set aside in 2014, in favour of the more well-known Caljan.

Caljan expands production on both sides of the Atlantic

In order to offer 24/7/365 service in the UK, with max. 2 hour response time, Caljan acquires AMH Service Ltd in 2011.

Future-proof Caljan Performer was introduced to the market in 2013. Caljan became the first — and only — manufacturer of Telescopic Conveyors able to offer customers a choice between two independent Telescopic Conveyor models.

In 2018 specialised labelling and document handling solutions were introduced. Online retailers were delighted with the new SLAM line — Scan, Label, Apply and Manifest.

Caljan was acquired by Investment AB Latour (publ) in November 2019

In 2020 Caljan established new, wide-scale production facilities in both Latvia and the US.

Working at Caljan - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA

- local partner with a global reach

Whether you are located in the field — or at Caljan USA in Menomonee Falls, WI — when you work at Caljan USA you become part of a world-wide organization. Our onboarding process is comprehensive, with thorough training in all aspects of the job. As part of the Caljan USA team you will experience the support of your colleagues at every challenge, both during your introduction, and throughout your career with Caljan USA.

Many Caljan USA customers are global players within retail and distribution. Whatever your role, you will interact with international colleagues, who are passionate about handling and moving loose cargo.

Teamwork plays a significant role

The success of our customers depends on how well the Caljan USA team works together. Many of us are involved in most projects;

  • The sales team & sales support work with the customer to understand his/her specific challenge.
  • Engineering identify the best possible solution, working closely with the project manager.
  • Details may need to be coordinated with production, before the Telescopic Conveyor can be delivered and installed.

Customers are always at the center

Caljan Telescopic Conveyors are exceptional and at Caljan USA, we strive to live up to that label, giving customers magical experiences. Customers are at the center of everything we do. At all points of contact you will be representing Caljan USA. At every interaction your aim must be to exceed customer expectations.