Company Overview

“We believe the end result is a product, and a company, that you will love.”

With over 30 years of experience in the RV industry, one of the things I treasured most, was the personal connections I, and my company, made with our customers and dealers. The ability to stay in touch with the needs of our customers, employees, and ultimately the products we built was really the secret to our success. Grand Design RV, a company started by my brother Ron, good friend Don Clark, and me, used a unique customer-focused/dealer centric business model that developed and fostered these connections. In just four short years, Grand Design RV achieved wholesale sales of over $500 million and became the most respected towable RV company in the industry.

As an avid, long-time boater, I entertained the idea of entering the marine industry for years. From a distance, I could tell that the marine industry was ready for a shake-up and our customer-focused approach would do just that. The timing never seemed right, though, until June of 2017, when a local manufacturing facility became available. An overnight decision a decade in the making, I secured the location for what would become Barletta Boat Company.

Just as in 2012 with Grand Design RV, Barletta Pontoon Boats started with a blank canvas, allowing us to do things differently than what has been done over and over again. We believe the end result is a product, and a company, that you will love.

“My goal is to be the best pontoon boat manufacturer in the industry.”
We are building pontoon boats that will make a difference in the industry, and ultimately, in your family’s experience. My goal is not to be the biggest pontoon boat manufacturer in the industry; my goal is to be the best pontoon boat manufacturer in the industry. I appreciate that you have taken the time to learn about our company, and would be honored to personally welcome you to the Barletta Pontoon Boat family.

With Warmest Regards,

-Bill Fenech, President & Co-Owner


  • Pride and Passion: We are built on a heritage of having passion for our work and pride in our craft that are the foundations for a strong and growing company.
  • Work Life Balance: Our love for the outdoors inspires the quality of our work. And our work inspires us to live and play in the outdoors. The balance of both keeps us emotionally and physically healthy.
  • Camaraderie: Our friendship and trust in one another helps us build high-quality products that make us all proud.
  • Loyalty: We’re one team. One that’s loyal to each other, our brands, our dealers and our customers.
  • Urgency with Accountability: We move fast, remain flexible and always follow through for our dealers, ourselves and our customers.
  • Innovative Mindset and Skill Sets: We stay open to new ways of designing and making outdoor solutions while pushing ourselves to learn, grow and adapt to new technology, tools and methodologies.

Travel, Live, Work and Play

Winnebago Industries is a dynamic outdoor lifestyle company and we’re looking for people who are as passionate about their work as they are about the outdoors. We seek fresh minds and skilled hands that can bring new perspectives, ways of working and technology to deliver exceptional experiences. We do this best when we allow ourselves the time to enjoy the environment — so we seek to keep a healthy balance between work and play.

If that sounds like you, then you could be a great candidate to help us grow stronger. From day one, you’ll be part of a team that treats each other with the respect, trust and humility needed to create extraordinary outdoor experiences for our customers.

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