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What makes Babson so different? We firmly believe it’s our sense of identity that sets us apart. We’re a diverse place to work and study, with diverse opportunities for our community staff members who provide a variety of skill sets, backgrounds, and aspirations. But, there’s a clear, shared sense of purpose that brings our community together.

Our mission is simple: as a world-class business school, Babson College shapes entrepreneurs of all kinds who create great economic and social value everywhere. We’re a collaborative, collegial environment, built for self-starters, designed to empower every individual to maximize his or her expertise. If you bring us your unique talents and ideas, we’ll give you the environment you need to fulfill your personal potential.

By embracing change, valuing fresh perspectives, and fostering new experiences, we create a genuinely open, respectful, and energizing team environment, where everyone is motivated, involved, and included. We give our people the freedom to focus on the things that they feel passionate about, with autonomy, accountability, and encouragement to achieve their goals. It’s a rewarding, challenging, and constantly invigorating workplace—an exciting launchpad for people who want to make a real impact in the world of education.???????


Our Culture

There is something special about working at Babson College. The students in our programs are learning to become the change-makers of tomorrow—and every employee, in every role here, is helping those students achieve their goals and make the most of their future.

We celebrate entrepreneurship and we encourage that same style of entrepreneurial thinking—flexibility, creativity, and the capacity to see change as an opportunity—in our employees. Our openness to new ideas means that we attract talented people from all backgrounds. Across our faculty, across our teams, across our campus, we’re all Babson; but equally, we’re all here because of the opportunities to engage with new ideas, to think differently, and to take action.

It’s the diversity of our thinking, our ideas, and our perspectives that enable us to create such a unique learning environment. As a community of people, we have a shared passion for learning and intellectual growth. So, we encourage networking, relationship building, and cross-departmental collaboration. We promote self-development and continuous learning. We provide all of our people with multiple opportunities to explore how they can enhance their skills through a variety of professional experiences—so you’re never simply climbing a traditional career ladder.

Supporting You
Everybody at Babson is treated as an individual. Our goal as an employer is to ensure that every one of our community staff members feels empowered in the present and excited about the future. To achieve this, we have created a working culture that strikes the right balance between challenging our community staff members and supporting them.

As a College, our commitment doesn’t end at 5 p.m. We need to be responsive to the needs of our students, creating a real community where people can study, live, socialize, and feel safe. Every role at Babson contributes to this community culture. Every one of our community staff members plays a role in helping our students to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions. We also provide our community staff members with everything they need to achieve their goals, including:


  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Outstanding benefits, rewards, and wellness programs
  • An environment that champions diversity and prohibits discrimination



What do you want from your working life? Everyone is different and there are many ways that we are rewarded through the work that we do: through job satisfaction, through opportunities to learn and grow, through developing others, and also through our compensation and benefits packages.

How we reward our community staff members is a vital element in the long-term success of the College. We invest in rewards because we want to attract, recruit, and retain the very best. Here’s a full list of the benefits we offer. You also may click through via the links on the left to find out more about how we value high performance and compensate our community staff members. Babson offers a competitive array of benefits to eligible faculty and staff.

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