Company Overview

Aircraft manufacturers worldwide have come to rely on braking systems from Aircraft Wheel & Brake by Kaman. As experts in braking technology, we have over 80 years of safe takeoffs and landings to our credit, making us one of the world’s most experienced, best known, and most respected wheel and brake manufacturers.

Our cross-functional teams of specialists work with customers and related technology experts to optimize design solutions for improved:

  • Performance
  • Thermal characteristics
  • Weight
  • Wear
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effective systems
  • Delivery
  • Support

With over 80 years of safe takeoffs and landings and hundreds of FAA TSO, STC, and PMA qualifications on single- and multi-engine and rotor-blade aircraft, Aircraft Wheel & Brake can be found on over 70% of the general aviation fleet. We demand more so you needn’t settle for less.

Since 1945, Kaman has been a leading innovator in the aerospace industry, serving commercial and military customers around the world. Our technical expertise and broad array of solutions have helped us grow to become one of North America's largest industrial distributors and system consultants.


What sets Kaman apart is our people. We recognize the importance of both individual and team contributions in achieving significant change and innovation, which is why we provide career development opportunities through mentoring programs, leadership and skills training, and education reimbursement.

From the Beginning, Innovation Has Been at the Core of Kaman.
Kaman is proud of its heritage, its technological achievements, its capabilities and its total commitment to developing solutions for customer requirements. But most of all, Kaman is proud of its people. Our dedicated employees contribute through a remarkable richness of individual backgrounds, experience, and skills toward a common vision.

We’re committed to building a supportive and rewarding work environment, and part of that commitment includes providing employees with a comprehensive and competitive benefits program. Our U.S. benefits program, provided to employees who work at least 30 hours per week, contains a wide range of plans designed to help support employees and their family’s health and financial well-being.

Involvement in the communities in which we operate is a longstanding principle of Kaman. We are strong supporters of education, including meritorious children of our employees, students pursuing engineering degrees, museums with educational programs and various local educational programs across the country. We also support charitable and civic organizations such as arts councils, boy and girl scouts, food pantries, and health organizations.

See Yourself at Kaman
Year after year, Kaman delivers technical breakthroughs and innovative solutions that ensure our customers can meet their performance goals. This is possible only because of the people who work on our shop floors and walk our halls. With uncommon commitment, they dig into the challenges that come our way and work until they find answers.

This dedication distinguishes our employees, but it only matters if the business is there to support it. For decades, the driving concern of our leadership teams has been the enduring strength of the company – long-term results, not short-term headlines. As a result, we are a thriving enterprise able to adapt and invest as a business and an employer.

We recognize the importance of both the individual and the team to achieving significant change and innovation. So, we provide career development through mentoring programs, leadership and skills training, and education reimbursement.

As a $1.8 billion global company, we have a wealth of options for broadening the work experience. Employees regularly change positions within the company, moving between teams, divisions, and our business units – sometimes even relocating to one of our 21 international facilities.

Our founder was right over 70 years ago, and is still right today: what sets us apart is our people. As technology advances and industry shifts, Kaman will always be a place where people can come to work to make a difference and support the life they choose.
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Aircraft Wheel and Brake, LLC
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