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Which Direction will the OFCCP Steer its Theory of Steering?
by Soul Cherradi

Many things have been written and debated in 2014 about the OFCCP’s (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) renewed interest in the “theory of steering” that the agency re-introduced in Directive 307. While the OFCCP critics have accepted that the theory of steering is adequate for selection claims, they continue to... more

Soul CherradiSoul Cherradi, HR Compliance Manager at BP, has experience defending a large number of OFCCP audits and EEOC charges. Soul has 20 years of experience on the corporate side where he held roles in Compliance, HR, Employee Relations, Labor... more

Understanding OFCCP’s Political Agenda
by Bill Osterndorf

Several years ago, I wrote an article for The OFCCP Digest entitled “What Does OFCCP Want?” The central premise of that article was that the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has certain defined expectations for federal contractors and subcontractors. With all the additional changes that have occurred involving OFCCP over the last few years... more

Bill Osterndorf William A. Osterndorf is President and founder of HR Analytical Services and has been working with affirmative action/equal opportunity issues for the last 25 years in the public and private sectors. Bill specializes in... more

The Unknown Problem
by Marilynn L. Schuyler

The “unknown problem” is actually very familiar to anyone who analyzes applicant data. So, it’s not really “unknown” at all. But the problem is much broader than one might imagine, and has implications that ripple through several analyses in your Affirmative Action Plan... more

Marilynn L. Schuyler Marilynn L. Schuyler has been developing Affirmative Action Plans for public, private, and academic institutions since 1996, and has been working in the field of Equal Employment Opportunity since ... more

Eight Ways to Survive an OFCCP Audit
by Cindy Karrow, SPHR

The key to surviving a compliance review, or audit, is in preparing the AAP—way before the scheduling letter is received. Remember, a compliance review focuses on the activity from the 12 months prior to the development of the current AAP. So audit survival starts with not forgetting the past... more

Cindy Karrow, SPHR As a Senior HR Consultant at Berkshire Associates, with over 27 years experience in the industry, Cindy Karrow, SPHR, is recognized as a leading affirmative action compliance expert... more

President Obama and the OFCCP: 2014 in Review – Part II
by Ahmed Younies

In Part I of this post we examined the close connection between the OFCCP’s focus on pay equity and the hiring of veterans and individuals with disabilities (IWDs) in 2014 and President Obama’s agenda. We continue here by comparing the President’s agenda and actions regarding LGBT workers and other, more general workers’... more

Ahmed Younies Ahmed Younies has built human resources infrastructures for small-size companies as well as for mid-size to Fortune 500 companies. He has worked for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), enforcing compliance... more

LGBT Resources for Federal Contractors

LGBT resources were provided by OFCCP on February 10. The resources include information from both the public and private sectors, and will be updated periodically. This non-exhaustive directory contains organizations and other entities that offer resources and guidance to employers around issues related to creating an inclusive workforce for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees.

Employing Individuals with Disabilities Resource Guide

Recruiting, Hiring, Retaining, and Promoting People with Disabilities” is a guide that identifies relevant federal and federally funded resources for employers looking to recruit, hire, retain, and promote individuals with disabilities. This resource was released on February 3 by the White House Domestic Policy Council and the Curb Cuts to the Middle Class Initiative at the White House Summit on Disability and Employment.

Sex Discrimination NPRM

OFCCP announced the publication of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to revise and replace its Sex Discrimination Guidelines on January 28. The NPRM was published in the Federal Register on January 30. View and comment on the NPRM here.

OFCCP Compliance Webinar OFCCP Compliance Webinar

Making History: A DOL Fast Fact

Twenty-nine years before the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) was founded in 1913, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was already collecting employment data. BLS, which was part of the Department of Interior at the time, published its First Annual Report on industrial depressions in 1886. After the turn of the century, BLS became an integral part of the newly established DOL.

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